Staff Management

Regardless of the size of your agency, our powerful hosted software solution will change the way you operate - dramatically improving your agency’s productivity and profitability. TurnPoint Care’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface gives you control over administrative functions, staffing and resources. Designed to reduce operational costs by streamlining processes and removing inefficiencies, TurnPoint Care will start paying for itself from day one.

Rostering & Scheduling

Use TurnPoint Care to reduce the time spent making schedules, communicating with employees and tracking hours. Our automated rostering system means you can manage your entire staff at any time, from anywhere, and on any device - in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

TurnPoint also matches the most suitable worker to the consumer - automatically considering factors such as consumer requirements and preferences, staff availability and location, continuity of care, and carer qualifications.

Staffing Map & Journey Planner

With our automated Journey Planner you can quickly and accurately calculate the shortest route between points, ensuring your staff spend less time on the road and more time with clients.

Coupled with our GPS supported Mapping System you can also see the location of your entire staff at any time - providing added security and safety for your employees.

Qualifications Tracking

Track your staff qualifications, compare with your ongoing requirements in a cumulative report and see when specific staff are due for re-training. Whether it's Blue card, police checks, certificate 4 in disability support, oncology, personal care, 1st aid / CPR, dementia care - stay on top of all of them and plan ahead for your organisation's training sessions.

Payroll Support & Invoicing

When it comes to invoicing and payroll for healthcare, experience and expertise matter.

With multiple awards, shift allowances and penalties to consider, payroll can get complicated - which is why TurnPoint Care offers a best of breed solution to the most complex payroll and invoicing scenarios. TPC exports to most major accounting packages.

More Care, Less Paperwork

Referrals, admissions, assessments, transfers, care plans, discharges and medication records are just some of the administrative tasks that divert nursing staff away from client service.

TurnPoint Care automates many of these time-consuming chores allowing your staff to do what they do best – deliver outstanding client care.

Mobile Application

TurnPoint Care works where you work – in the field or in the office – operating seamlessly across all internet capable devices. From record keeping and staff scheduling to journey planning and Point of Care reporting, TurnPoint Care empowers your entire staff through accurate real-time information sharing. It’s simple, intuitive and easy to use.

Inventory / Stock Control

Consumables are hard to track and most are expended without being allocated to a cost centre. With TurnPoint, consumables such as pads, towels, catheters and dressings are not only recorded and invoiced, the system automatically adjusts the Store Inventory – flagging admin staff when stocks get low. You can have better visibilty of stock levels so you’ll never get caught short of essential supplies.

Automated Carer Alerts

To improve patient care and ensure errors are minimised – TurnPoint automatically generates Carer Alerts to notify staff of any omissions in service delivery.

Document Library

In an environment where access to information is critical, and the volume of data is growing exponentially, being able to find what you need, when you need it, is becoming increasingly challenging. TurnPoint Care answers this with a centralised depositary for company documents.

Daily or Weekly Appointment Planner

TurnPoint makes forward planning a breeze. View your Daily or Weekly Schedule and allocate all appointments in a single screen. Need to make changes? That’s easy! Simply move an appointment from 1 staff member to another, or leave in the 'pending' list to reconfigure the staffing plan.

You can send automated SMS and email notifications to staff advising them of any changes to bookings including time, location, contact details and any other relevant information.

Flexibility with Shift Swaps and Leave Requests

Administrators have better things to do than keep track of employee leave and shift requests. TurnPoint makes it easy to manage with all pending requests visible on one screen. Managers can moderate shift trades between employees and approve or deny requests with just a few clicks. Staff are notified of the decision in real time.